The SFL Traffic Exchange has a new look and new direction

Hello, I am transforming the site to a more content based site that offers more than just a traffic exchange service. I will be spotlighting New England based blogs, websites, providing a space for private groups and more.

Stay tuned!



A word on how you can make up to 40% commissions on SFL Network

Surf For Local Traffic Exchange Commission Structure:

Free 90 day Trial Member: No monetary commissions available / Referral credit bonuses only / Downline member will carry over to any upgrades.
Non-Public Regular Free Member: 15% – One level structure in other words just you!
All paid subscription member levels: 40% – Structure levels vary according to member level
Eccentric Musician Company also a hidden level not available to the public for our artists under contract.

Subscription Based Membership Levels:

Webmaster Pro SFL Membership: When a downline member of yours upgrades or buys advertising you receive: 40.0% If your next level downline member refers you make 3.0%, If that person’s downline refers a paid member you receive 10.0%. The concept and reasoning for this is so that the up-line person (you) has an incentive to help his first downline member to refer new members. So you make more when your downline refers!
SFL Pro-Networker:

You: 40.0%
Next member down: 5.0% Help this member and receive a commission off his first level paid referral.
3rd member down: 15.0%

3, SFL Traffic Exchange Consultant:

You: 40.0%
Next member down: 10.0%
3rd member down: 15.0%

4, SFL TrEX Agency Membership:

You: 47.0%
Next member down: 15.0%
3rd member down: 20.0%

Be sure to go back our notes section for ideas on how to refer new members!

New website categories to look for at Surf For Local

For those of you that use your membership to discover new websites, coupon offers, entrepreneur opportunities and more. I have added some new categories to the surf networks. The category list is below and the new ones are in bold;

    • General/Opportunity SitesĀ  (Independent Rep opportunities)
    • General/Products & Services (Local and national Business Offers)
    • General/Information Sites (Non-biased Information based media)
    • General/Blogs (Personal Blogs)
    • Music/Bands
    • Music/Musicians
    • Music/Services
    • Music/Live (Other live music related sites ie; venues, publications)
    • General/Social Profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin * be sure to log in to the social sites prior to surfing to view them)
    • North East Real Estate
    • North East Agriculture & Farms
    • North East Equine & Tack
    • North East Sports Teams
    • North East Business Professionals

The idea of surf by category is to direct surfers to specific sites that they are more interested in viewing while building traffic credit for their own site. It can be used on regular (auto) surf but the purpose is designed for the manual surf networks. If you do not see a category that suits your needs please feel free to suggest one. If your looking for local coupon sites you can find those in the “General/Products & Services” category.

If your interested in being a member for the reason of discovering new sites, offers and opportunities and you do not have a site or blog to promote I have some ideas for you. For one, you can use our promotional splash page (get paid on referrals), a social profile page or help promote a local organization by hosting their site under your membership.

Start discovering new local websites today at

Making Money From Spam Mail?

Here is a idea for Surf For Local members. Send your spam mail to us!

There may be money waiting for you in your SPAM box! Here’s how…
1, First you need to be a member of out traffic exchange. Make sure you enter your website’s, blogs ad ads!
2, While logged in go to these links; “members area” to “your info” to “refer us”
3, Copy your Surf For Local referral link. It should look like this; ID# here
4, Now open your email and edit your signature. Copy and edit this into the field. This is going to be your opt out message;

Hello, I found your email in my Spam Box. Please unsubscribe me. As an alternative you can find me along with thousands of others at free to little cost at this site where I review such offers. In fact, you can send your emails direct to the members via the secure internal personal mailbox system. This site will send you tons of traffic so do not hesitate. I am a member because I actually benefit from reading your offers here because I receive hits to my own site for doing so. Sign up for a limited time offer free member slot today. your ID# here or copy and paste your referral link from the website.

That said, you take me off your email list because I entertain all offers on SFL


5, Now open the email from advertisers that you feel is safe and simply reply and use the signature to make it faster so you do not have to type or copy/paste all the time. If you really want to opt out make sure you also use their link as some may view your reply email some may not and others may come back as undeliverable.

Other notes;

  • Be careful not to create a message or send that is considered as spam!
  • Make sure your edit your personal settings on Surf For Local and place your Paypal email address so we can pay you.
  • This method for making money has not yet been tested so results if any will vary.

  • Stay tuned for more money making opportunities!

    Alternative Advertising For Google Ad Space Users

    For those of you who use google ads sense ads on your blogs who are stymied by not being able to use a traffic exchange to promote your blog (s) here are some suggested work a rounds that may work within your Google restrictions. Be sure to read your google ad sense policies again to make sure as what you read below is only our opinion of what may be tolerable;

    1, Webmasters may consider using a “text advertising exchange” rather than a full site exchange. You simply place a code on your site to display a block of text ads (from one to eight) onto your site. Then place a return link onto your text ad back to your site. It is a simple alternative and it may even be within Google’s perimeters of proper advertising techniques. The text ads go out to our traffic exchange members at SFLM, a larger network of exchanges (VS-Ten) of which we belong to and also to independently owned sites such as yours. To do this simply go to our site, become a free member, promote us page, then to “text ad exchange”. Create your text ad block, copy and place the script/code onto your blog. Then go to our ad placement section and place your text ad onto our text ad exchange. Your done!

    Note; In order to maintain your SFLM exchange membership you will have to surf so many sites per month. This will help you gain advertising credits to use for your text ads as well. We also suggest you become a paid member which is only a few dollars per month through paypal.

    2, Create a splash page to promote on traffic exchanges such as Surf For Local Music (SFLM). Your splash page should represent your blog with descriptive text as well as little snippits of your blogs with links back to those pages.

    To create a splash page try; Google Page Creator



    How to set up our external ad exchange on your site!

    From; Glen Peladeau
    Surf For Local Music
    A cooperative ad exchange network!

    Hello Webmasters, Bloggers and E Zine Publishers!

    At our traffic exchange we offer many ways to help you increase your Search Engine Rating and ultimately enhance Search Engine placement. One way to do this is to increase the number of back links to your site. In order to do this you either have to ask alot of webmasters or you can take advantage of our external ad exchange at SFLM. You can help us to increase our web of return links by placing our external exchange on your site and the you can place a text ad or mini banner or wide banner ad (or all three) to increase your “back links” status.

    When members (new and old) do this it benefits everyone in our network because it increases both ours and yours; advertisement visibility. Not only do you receive a return link on our ad exchange listing page but you receive more credits added to your balance and if anyone signs up to the exchange under you, you receive more credits for the referral and if they become a paid member a commission on top of that.

    How do you do this?

    Non-members click here to sign up first;

    1st; Log in and then click onto the following links;

    #2, Go to ‘Members Area’ link.
    #3, Go to ‘Your Info’ link
    #4, Go to ‘Promote Us’
    #5 Scroll down and pick one or any combination of the of the three available exchanges.

    Note; Open your website editor and find an appropriate place for the ad exchange.

    How to example;

    Text ads; These are csutomizable to your site’s colors.
    First decide how wide you would like the ad area to cover on your site. Then, decide how many ads down and accross you want.kepn mind that the total maximum number of ads is 12. Third, using the color chart on the right place the color numbers into the form to display your ad to your liking. You can keep playing with any variations above untill you get it right. Just keep hitting redraw after each time you change something.

    How to get it into your site?
    The html code in the box below is automaticaly generated after you hit redraw. Simply, place your curser in the box, go to edit and select ‘select all’ or press these keys on your keyboard; Ctrl & A at the same time. Now, open your site editor, the html tool box, then paste it in where you would like the ad exchange to appear. Then re-publish yours site.

    That is it. Don’t forget to send me an email with either your your name or member ID so I can set up the return link for you and if I am offering a promo at the time you read this any promotional credits coming your way. The more you participate in SFLM the more I will work for you to bring traffic to your site.

    If you like this blog then how about downloading my blog update service so you can stay on top of what is happening with SFLM; Click here

    What you do not have a site or blog to place it on?

    Try; (free sites)

    Or place your own blog right here on blogspot (free).

    Just do not forget to sign up to SFLM and place our external ad exchange.

    At the very least please leave a kind comment .

    Thanks again,

    Glen Peladeau
    Eccentric Musician Company
    Publisher of; traffic exchange network

    Micro Economy? A positive side effect of a traffic exchange

    What is the definition and purpose of a traffic exchange network?

    For those of you that are “in the know” you recognize the name and associate it with a place to bring major hits to your site, advertise your product or service and with some determination, gain some new customers, clients, members and sales. What you might not understand is that the word ‘network’ is also a powerful and meaningful term here. Before we get to what the term network means to us lets look at this self penned term ‘micro-economy’. We all know that in our outside world we are in a bad economy. But what happens when we start taking advantage of products and service offered within our little network? We create in a sense a ‘micro-economy’. Is that what a traffic exchange network is? Well your could say that but not exactly, it is that and alot more. What would happen if the members in our traffic exchange supported each other’s businesses by buying products and services from each other?

    Basicaly what we’ve really established here is a micro-econmic network. We’ve created our own and can benefit tremendously if we support each other’s businesses. So the next time your thinking of buying a product or service why not refer to the members here at our traffic exchange network? We have all types of businesses! From independent reps offering wireless internet to hosting providers, health food and even coupon pages from local and nationaly advertised products. You support their business and they’ll support yours. This is part of what a network is about. The other part is helping others by sharing your knowledge through your blogs and interaction with other members.

    So if you have not joined a traffic exchange network. Why not join us at ? We are working to improve our site’s effectiveness everyday. By supporting us and participating you help us promote local music acts from New England online. These music sites draw attention from the local music fans. Most of whom had never even heard of a traffic exchange and what it does until we came along. This only help us expand our network and it helpls you reach new prospects for your business as well as new recruits to help your business grow!

    If you participate in our network, support the other members and share your knowledge there isn’t any reason why your business won’t grow. With this you should be on your way to be independently wealthy by taking control and participating in our own little “micro economy” here at Surf For Local Music (SFLM). We are not only here to promote you but we are here to help you succeed.

    About us;
    SFLM is an advanced cooperative advertising traffic exchange network. We have 4 internal networks and 4 external. Place an ad with us and it will be rotated though over 185 other traffic exchanges (VS-Ten). You can start off as a free member and work the system by surfing our networks in exchange for ad credits (added to your balance while surfing). You then assign those credits to a URL (site ad), banner or text ad.

    If you do not have a site to promote, don’t worry. Just surf our PTS manual exchange to find one that is right for you. You will be making extra cash in no time it just takes effort, patience and participation in a traffic exchange like ours at SFLM. As you can see we encourage inter- member participation and support. This is what makes a network like ours effective.